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Photographer. Traveller. Dreamer. Foodie.

Happy. Hopeful. Aesthete. Iconophilist.

candid wedding photographer in Bangalore

Professional Photographer

Nivedita Nandi Ghosh

Nivedita Nandi Ghosh is a Bangalore based photographer whose photography services span across several categories such as wedding, food, travel, fashion, industrial, conceptual, maternity, baby and corporate events. Her niche specialty is candid and creative wedding photography, pre-wedding shoots, couple shoots, portraiture as well as food and travel photography.

Nivedita began her journey in middle school after being gifted a digital camera. After an intensive training in commercial photography, several internships and projects with well-known photographers, Nivedita decided to convert this sublime passion into a full-time job and founded Nivedita Ghosh Photography in 2012.

Nivedita strives to capture breath-taking imageries that portray raw emotions, essence and finer details that can be treasured and cherished for years to come. Her aesthetics reflect a peculiar rawness and a surreal beauty that cannot be expressed through words.

When not clicking candid pictures, Nivedita can be found eating, cooking and travelling to new places. Her diligence, ingenuity and the ‘never say no’ attitude have resulted in quite a few elated clients, interesting subjects and an ever-growing love for photography.

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